About Us

SOS Fundraiser was started 10 years ago by Jim Lee with the goal of using quality products to bring value and financial independence to community organizations. As a parent, grandparent, and the husband of a retired public school teacher, Jim saw many fundraising programs that failed to deliver on the goals of the group it was supporting. Whether it was sports teams, music groups, clubs, or charities, the key issues always seemed to be a lack of quality products to sell or a fundraising system that made it overly difficult for the group to be successful financially. Jim started SOS Fundraiser knowing he could turn these broken models around and offer organizations a way to succeed consistently.

Over the years, SOS Fundraiser has addressed these issues with the following strategies:

  • Using, as much as possible, products that are made in the USA.
  • Coupon Books are printed locally.
  • Offering products that bring real value, are truly useful in the customer’s lives, and are affordable so they will sell!
  • Most programs are done on a consignment basis, meaning no out of pocket or upfront costs for your organization!
  • High touch, quality customer service; we want 100% satisfaction for you and your customers.

Using these strategies SOS Fundraiser has enjoyed a great repeat business; a testament to our quality and commitment to your success. That success has allowed us to continue expanding our line of available products and the areas in Central Florida that we can service.

Please take a look at our Seminole County and Volusia County Coupon Books, loaded with 100’s of local merchants and free discount cards.

Give us a call to discuss how we can create a custom fundraising program that will work for you!

Paul Rauscher
SOS Fundraiser
(866) 566-9398