SOS is a locally owned fundraiser that raised over $125,000 last year for school and charitable originations. We have three different programs to choose from including a COVID safe option. 

Why SOS?

  • Significant Profit Margins: Earn 50 – 60% of money collected with no sign-up fees.
  • Risk-Free & Guaranteed Success: We’re truly risk free: no up-front charges, no minimums. If there are unsold books after your sale we take them back at no charge
  • Worthwhile Content: Our books feature many locations and offers not found in any other program, and the unique combination of local and national merchants means coupons worth using at the places you already love. You won’t have to change your habits to maximize savings – just take the book with you and use it as you go.
  • The Book Pays for Itself: Our book contains more than $4,500 in value at many popular area merchants – both nationwide chains and local businesses. Chances are, you go somewhere in our book every day. Tell your customers to keep the book in the car and carry their reusable discount card in their wallet—they’ll make their money in no time and keep saving from there.
  • Free Books for School Staff and Facility