• Significant Profit Margins: Earn 50 – 60% of money collected with no sign-up fees.
      • Risk-Free & Guaranteed Success: We’re truly risk free: no up-front charges, no minimums. If there are unsold books after your sale, we’ll send a postage-paid label for easy returning or pick them up. For schools, all school-wide sales of 500+ are guaranteed to earn at least $1,000 provided the books are sent home with the students for at least two weeks.
      • Something for Everyone: Our books contain coupons for Fine Dining, Fast Food, Popular Services, Retail Stores, and Recreation/Entertainment establishments. Whether it’s a celebratory dinner, fast-food on the go, or golf on the weekends, there’s something everyone in your school or community can use to save money.
      • The Book Pays for Itself: Our book contains more than $4,500 in value at many popular area merchants – both nationwide chains and local businesses. Chances are, you go somewhere in our book every day. Tell your customers to keep the book in the car—they’ll make their money in no time and keep saving from there.
      • Worthwhile Content: Our books feature many locations and offers not found in any other program, and the unique combination of local and national merchants means coupons worth using at the places you already love. You won’t have to change your habits to maximize savings – just take the book with you and use it as you go.
      • No Door-to-Door Sales: We do not allow door-to-door sales and our program actually works better without them. With such a large per-book profit, your fundraiser will be a huge success simply by selling to people you already know like friends, family close neighbors, and co-workers.
      • Time-Tested Program: Our management team has more than 30 years of experience helping schools and other non-profit groups earn millions of dollars annually with coupon book sales. We are known from New England to California in over 125 markets.
      • Honestly Simple: Group leaders have minimal obligations: reserve books, confirm shipping information, distribute books, and keep sellers motivated. Our dedicate Group Relations department will check in with you regularly to make sure you always have exactly what you need. This kind of communication helps facilitate a simple, streamlined sale for you and your group – so that one short phone call will be all that’s needed to close-out your sale.
      • Reach Goals Quickly: The entire sale can be completed in as little as two weeks. However, a group can fundraiser longer, as needed, by making partial payments with money already collected.



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